Daughters of the American Revolution honors female Vietnam veterans

By On November 05, 2018

Daughters of the American Revolution honors female Vietnam veterans

GREENE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A new brick at the Vietnam War Foundation Museum in Greene County now honors the women who served during the Vietnam War.

The Daughters of the American Revolution held a ceremony on Sunday to make sure their sacrifices are always remembered.

Linda Boone can still remember her time in Vietnam like it was yesterday.

"When I first got off the plane I was overwhelmed by the heat and the smell," said Boone, a former Army nurse.

Boone served as a United States Army nurse in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971 and saw the horrors of the battlefield firsthand.

I worked in a neurosurgical unit with a lot of head injuries," said Boone. "I was transferred to casualty receiving, so we got the casualties within 15 minutes from the field and it was horrible."

Boone is one of the thousands of women who put their lives on the line to protect our country's freedom from a war where veterans are often forgotten about.

The new commemorative brick at the museum will honor her service and sacrifice.

"The service of our Vietnam veterans was just as important and we want to honor all veterans," said Rebecca Rogers, the vice-regent of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution.

Rogers said many Vietnam War veterans did not receive a warm welcome home since the war was highly unpopular at the time, and while it may just look like an ordinary brick, she said it is more than that.

"Anyone who comes here and reads the brick will know that we also served," said Rogers. "We just don't honor, we put something behind what we say."

Boone said she appreciates the new brick and has even taken her own steps to make sure people remember Vietnam veterans with a special hat.

"When you go to different functions and you're there with a Vietnam hat and overlooked, it's like, 'hello I'm a veteran too,'" said Boone. "I had a hat made that said nurse because I had never seen a nurse hat."

It is a way to show her country how proud she is to have served.

Source: Google News Vietnam | Netizen 24 Vietnam

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