Japan to hold peacekeeping seminar in Vietnam

By On October 26, 2018

Japan to hold peacekeeping seminar in Vietnam

Japan to hold peacekeeping seminar in Vietnam Japan to hold peacekeeping seminar in Vietnam

Japan will send its Ground Self-Defense Force personnel to Vietnam to teach their expertise on UN peacekeeping operations to soldiers in the country, as well as to soldiers from neighboring countries.

19 personnel mainly from the GSDF engineering unit will be dispatched as instructors for a 6-week seminar. The program, organized by the United Nations, starts on November 5th.

On Friday, the personnel met Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya to notify him of their planned departure.

Iwaya told them to take care of themselves and bring results back home.

The GSDF has previously sent its personnel to the African nat ion of Kenya as instructors for a similar program. But this is the first time for its personnel to be sent to Asia as instructors.

The personnel are scheduled to teach their know-how on building infrastructure, including how to operate heavy machinery, to troops of Vietnam and neighboring countries.

The Defense Ministry plans to send Self-Defense Forces personnel to seminars in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. It aims to support countries that participate in UN peacekeeping operations.

Lieutenant Colonel Kazuyuki Ito says he hopes the training will help the countries contribute to UN peacekeeping operations.

Source: Google News Vietnam | Netizen 24 Vietnam

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