Trump blasts Richard Blumenthal as 'total phony!' over Vietnam claims

By On September 29, 2018

Trump blasts Richard Blumenthal as 'total phony!' over Vietnam claims

President Trump tore into Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Saturday over previous false claims the Connecticut Democrat made regarding his military service.

"Senator Richard Blumenthal must talk about his fraudulent service in Vietnam, where for 12 years he told the people of Connecticut, as their Attorney General, that he was a great Marine War Hero," Trump wrote. "Talked about his many battles of near death, but was never in Vietnam. Total Phony!"

An investigation by the New York Times in 2010 revealed that Blumenthal made false claims about being in Vietnam during the war, finding that he received draft deferments when he was in college and then was in the Marine reserves in the U.S. Blumenthal claimed after th e reports that he had "misspoken."

Blumenthal is leading a lawsuit with dozens of congressional Democrats against the president, claiming Trump violated the Constitution by doing business with foreign governments without the approval of Congress. A federal judge on Friday gave the go-ahead for the lawsuit to proceed.

The Constitution’s emoluments clause prohibits presidents from receiving payments from foreign governments without congressional approval, and was meant to prevent corruption and foreign influence.

Trump’s hotel, which is just blocks away from the White House, has hosted events for foreign governments and visiting officials while he’s been in office. The president stepped away from managing his businesses when he took office but still maintains ownership.

Source: Google News Vietnam | Netizen 24 Vietnam

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