TOM BOLINDER, Hanson: Vietnam veterans slighted

By On August 10, 2018

TOM BOLINDER, Hanson: Vietnam veterans slighted


Aug 10, 2018 at 7:39 AM

To the editor:

Regarding your story "50 years ago, a reckoning In Vietnam" (Aug. 4-5):

I landed in DaNang in October 1967 and was medivaced out November 1968 after 120 or so firefights.

I read with incredulity your description of Viet Cong as indigenous rebel fighters. They were dirty dogs who killed at will. They raped young girls and kidnapped young men and boys and made them fight for them, much as Isis does today. The Tet Offensive was a major defeat for the communists. Instead of seizing the moment to end to war with a victory, President Johnson stopped the bombing and he and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara let the war drag on. They are war criminals.

To you war protesters, not letting you off the hook. Your actions made the politicians unsure and weak and added to the PTSD of vete rans who were treated with disrespect when they returned.

Your article made no mention of the bravery of the men who fought in Vietnam. On Aug. 7, Purple Heart Remembrance Day, I remembered the 89 marines and corpsmen from my company who were killed, especially Duane Francis Redtke, who took a round through the head running out to treat me

To those who served so honorably: Thank you and welcome home. Semper fi


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